March 22, 2011

FREE 8-Part Audio Series "To Teach What Is Good"

Sovereign Grace Ministries is offering Carolyn Mahaney's 8-part audio series (MP3 format) titled "To Teach What is Good" for FREE!

Here is some information from their site about this series:
Here is the updated series from Carolyn’s classic messages to women based on Titus 2. Topics include self-control, purity, kindness, having a love for husbands and a tender affection for children, making your home your center of ministry—and more. Carolyn teaches about how these qualities in women glorify God and draw others to the gospel.

This series includes the following:
  1. A Fresh Look at Titus 2
  2. Loving My Husband
  3. Loving My Children
  4. Being Self-Controlled
  5. Being Pure
  6. Being Busy At Home
  7. Being Kind/Doing Good
  8. Being Subject to My Husband
(Thanks, Sheri with Graham Family Ministries!)


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