August 21, 2013

Dollar Tree: Cheap Preschool Activity

The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores to shop for fun and creative things to do with my kiddos. I recently picked up this photo album to help create some ABC fun for my almost 3 year old.

I just threw in some flash cards that we already had and handed her a dry erase marker so she could  "trace" the letters. If you don't already have these on hand you can also pick them up at the Dollar Tree. This seriously took me 1 minute to put together and entertained her this afternoon for at least an hour!

What I love about this activity is that you can adjust it to your child's interests and learning level. Here are some other fun ideas I'm planning on trying out...
  • Numbers & Counting (trace the number or have the child draw pictures corresponding to the number)
  • Shapes (trace the whole shape, or draw half and have the child complete the shape by drawing the other half)
  • Feelings (write basic feelings like sad, angry, happy and have the child draw a face that corresponds to that emotion)
  • Doodles (include interesting magazine cutouts to spark imagination and have the child finish the picture)
  • & MORE!
Because it's dry erase and the pictures are interchangeable the possibilities are endless and for $3.00 (or less!) you have a very easy (and educational) activity!

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