Coupon Store Policies

Questions to ask Regarding Store Coupon Policies
  • Do they have a loyalty/rewards program? If so, what are the benefits?  How can you sign up?
  • Do they double or triple coupons? If so, when? Everyday or just specific days?
  • Do they accept internet printable coupons (ip's)? If so, are there limits to how many or dollar amount accepted?
  • Do they accept competitor's coupons? If so, who do they consider a competitor?
  • Can you use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item? 
  • Do they price match? If so, what documentation do you need to bring to get the matched price? Who should you see when you check out?
  • How many coupons are allowed per visit/batch?

More Questions to Consider:
  • Do they offer store coupons? If so, where can you find them?
  • Do they accept expired coupons? (My local CVS will accept expired CVS coupons and ECBs)
  • Do they allow overage?