Where to Find Coupons

There are many places (in addition to traditional Sunday paper inserts) for you find to coupons to help you build up your 'stash' --and most of them are FREE!

Friends & Family: 
Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors if they use their Sunday coupon inserts. If they don’t, ask them if you could be the recipient of them. I started out my adventure in couponing by receiving the Sunday inserts from my Grandfather's paper. If you are new or interested in couponing this is a great place for beginners to start!

Another great way to receive free coupons is to make sure you sign up for all the Free Samples that I post.  Not only will you get to try a new product, but most of the time, Free Samples have high-value coupons attached to them!

Also known as, "Coupons on Packaging". While you are out doing your shopping watch out for these coupons. More and more companies are placing coupons on their packages and this can really add to your savings. Sometimes the coupon is good for the item you are buying that day, or for a future purchase.  

Blinkies and Tear Pads
“Blinkies" are those little black (sometimes red) boxes that blink and have gained popularity in almost every type of store.  These coupons are usually high in value, and are placed in front of the products that are featured on the coupon. Tear Pads are pads of coupons usually in front of the items that the coupon is promoting. I have also seen these at the front of the store near the customer service desk (it never hurts to look!).  Again, these are usually high in value and can really help to maximize your savings. Plus they are also a nice addition to any one's coupon collection. Moms train your kids to watch for peelies, blinkies, and tear pads! 

You can find several great coupons in many every day magazines such as Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Rachael Ray and the like. Another magazine that you should seriously consider (and I highly recommend!) is All You magazine. This magazine can only be bought at Walmart, unless you subscribe (which I recommend to help maximize your savings per issue) and is filled with $80-$100 worth of high-value coupons in it -every month!

 Catalinas / Register Coupons
Catalinas are the long coupons that come out of the registers when you checkout. They are called Catalinas because the machine that prints them out is called Catalina. Most of the time these are manufacturer coupons and can be combined with a store coupon. Don’t forget to look for these coupons when you checkout before accidentally throwing them away.

Internet Printables (ip's)
Recently, the Internet has exploded with the availability of on-line printable coupons. Most printable coupons can be printed twice per computer, which means if you have more than one computer you can print more than two coupons!  There are so many sites that offer free printable coupons. The best sites to check several times a month, besides Mama's Frugal Finds, are the following sites.  
This is not an exhaustive list, but it will certainly keep you busy printing and will save you hundreds of dollars each month!

Sunday Inserts:
Most Sunday papers have any where from one to four coupon inserts in them. In my area the Sunday paper costs $2.50 (yikes!) but home delivery will get you a better price and save you money (you can also usually get a better price on your home subscription by buying more than one copy). I will usually buy up to 3 (sometimes more depending on the coupons inside) papers each week. Sounds c-r-a-z-y BUT buying the Sunday Paper definitely pays for itself and most of the time just one coupon pays for the entire paper! Plus as an added bonus, AC Moore and Michael's 40% -50% off coupons are in the Sunday paper, as well as occasional restaurant coupons.

Clipping Services

Buy only the coupons you want and will use by using a clipping service! Many services will e-mail you a list of the upcomming weeks inserts so you can plan accordingly and never miss a deal.

Mama's Frugal Finds 
Yes, that's right!  I post several great printable coupons each week, and will often pair it up with a current or upcoming sale to use it with. Also, I have installed a Coupon Database on my website.  It is free and very simple to use.  All you do is search your product name and it will give you every coupon that is current and available. Feel free to use My Coupon Database as often as you would like!  It can be found under my menu bar under Coupons.